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Jason has designed, built, renovated & sold campervans and has founded Smartcampervan in order to focus on automated, hybrid electric campervans which also will be built at the Shipwright Resort property and taught at the Learning Center.

#VanLife Vs #YachtLife

Vans & Yachts – Many Things In Common

Come Learn About Both All In One Place!

Conclusion of van lifers after 1 week living aboard a catamaran:

“yacht maintenance is infinitely more complex”


Shipwright Resort is home to Delta Boat Works, Santa Cruz Boats, Smartcampervan, California House Works, Dark Knight Cycles, and various other technology and e-Commerce businesses of our parent holding company BotBotBest.  Jason and Kayla have built tiny homes, off grid net zero residential homes, campervans, restored and refitted boats, yachts and motorcycles, and lived in alternative shelter solutions such as cabins and yurts.   These overlapping industries are all either centered around human shelter, travel or both.  They have much in common.  Vans and yachts are both off grid shelter solutions that allow you to travel the world.  Both benefit from the use of high quality marine grade components.  Both use renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.  Both have inverter and battery back up power systems.   Come to Shipwright Resort and learn about the similiarties and differences between the latest technologies in campervans and yachts as well as exploring many alternative modern solutions for shelter at the Shipwright Learning Center.